Friday, January 18, 2008

Next! - Animation

Hi again!

Theres other thing on air...


So i decided to implement a basic Animation system, it might look stupid and uneusefull, but when i post other thing that will be based on this you will understand.

The animator class is simple to use

var anim = new Next.Animation({onStep:function(v){
//v will be between 0-1

You can specify other options like:
duration - the time the animation will take - defaut=1000
interval - the interval between animation - default=20
onStep - the callback function called each step of animation
onComplete - the callback function called when animation ends

Now what you can do with "anim" object?

seekFromTo(from,to)//seek from one position to other
seekTo(to)//seek to the position
jumpTo(to)//jump to position without animate
toggle()//toggle direction
play()//play from 0 to 1
reverse()//play from 1 to 0
stop()//stop animation

And for now its all i have on animation, it might need some fine tune to fix some stuff

You can see the code, just checkout the code on svn!

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